Jun Murakoshi Design

jun murakoshi

Jun Murakoshi

Product Designer, MA(RCA)

Awarded MA at Design Products, Royal College of Art, UK and MEng at Chiba University, Japan. Jun has working experiences as Freelance product designer to design new products and business with takram and innovation laboratory inc. (business consultancy), as Project Researcher at i.school at Center for Knowledge Structuring in the University of Tokyo, as assistant professor at Center for international research and education in Chiba University and as researcher at graduate school of engineering in Chiba University in Japan.


村越淳(むらこし じゅん)


埼玉県出身。千葉大学工学部工業意匠学科ならびに同大学院修了、Royal College of Art(英国王立芸術大学院)MAデザインプロダクト科修了後、takrami.lab(innovation laboratory inc.)との新製品、新規事業開発ならびに教育研究活動に従事。千葉大学大学院工学研究科特任研究員、同大学国際教育センター特任助教、東京大学知の構造化センター特任研究員(i.schoolプログラム・マネージャー)を経て、Jun Murakoshi Design 代表。



2017 APR
“SaloneSatellite 20years new creativity”, Milan, Italy
2017 APR
“Ventura Lambrate”, Milan, Italy
2016 OCT
“HIGHLIGHT”, Design Koishikawa, Tokyo
2016 OCT
“Experimental Creations #4”, Tokyo, Japan
2015 SEP
“Paper Movement”, Kaminokousakujo, Hikarie, Tokyo
2015 SEP
“Japanese Design Revisited by Lexus”, Helsinki Design Week, L3 Design Dock, Helsinki, Finland
2015 APR
One year Exhibition “Keep it Glassy”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, China
2015 APR
“Ventura Lambrate”, Milan, Italy
2014 OCT
“Experimental Creations #2”, Tokyo, Japan
2014 OCT
“Any Tokyo”, Tokyo, Japan
2014 OCT
“Hidden-Unveiling Japanese Design”, Singapore
2014 AUG
“Tendence”, Frankfurt, Germany
2014 JUN
“interiorlifestyle, Talents”, Tokyo, Japan
2014 APR
“Ventura Lambrate”, Milan, Italy
2013 SEP
“Toyama Design Wave”, Toyama, Japan
2013 JUN
“interiorlifestyle, talents”, Tokyo, Japan
2013 APR
“Salone Satellite”, Milan, Italy
2012 SEP
“Tent London”, UK
2012 APR
Permanent Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology research Institute, Japan
Permanent Exhibition, New Museum in Nuremberg, Germany
2008 JAN
“D3 Contest”, IMM Cologne, Germany
2007 SEP
“Do Masters”, Do, London, UK
2007 SEP
“Designersblock”, London, UK
2007 JUL
“RCA at Conran”, Conran Head Office, London, UK
2007 JUN
“The Great Exhibition”, RCA, London, UK
2006 APR
“Made by Machine”, Milan, Italy
2006 FEB
“Made in Nigeria”, British Council Lagos, Nigeria
2001 OCT
 “100 Sitting”, Tokyo Designer’s week



“interior lifestyle AWARD, Young Designer”, interiorlifestyle TOKYO
Grand Prix, “Tokyo Design : Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology research Institute”
Runners Up, “RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize”
Shortlisted, “House Party”, designboom
Honorable Mention, “Nagoya Design Do!”
Shortlisted, “BSI Sustainability Design Award”
Shortlisted, “Luckystrike Junior Designer Award”